Sustainable Business Models

  • 17.11.2023 at 09:00 - 12:00 / Onsite
  • held by Prof. Dr. Jan Kratzer, Nicolas Noak, Malte Hager, Dr. Kristina Fajga
  • module: General
  • level: Advanced

NOTE: This workshop is intended for founder teams that already have an idea they are working on. As you will work in groups on your ideas, please join the workshop with your full team.

Location: TU Berlin, Coworking Space EINS/Room BH-N 008, Ernst-Reuter-Platz 1, 10587 Berlin

Language: English

How do you adjust your mindset and design your business model to reflect and address sustainability?
This question will be addressed in this workshop following a two-step approach.
First, you will receive relevant theoretical input on sustainability in the context of entrepreneurship as well as input on ideas, principles, and concepts of sustainable business modelling. This will be provided via online videos to be watched by participants before the workshop.
Second, in the workshop – taking place physically in presence at EINS coworking space – we will work with and apply some of these concepts to your own businesses in a hands-on and game-like fashion. After, there is some room for discussion.
The goal is to provide you with knowledge and tools of sustainable business modelling as inspiration for implementation.


Nicolas Noak (video lecture, workshop facilitation)
Nico is a lecturer, research associate and doctoral candidate at the Chair of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management. He worked as an innovation strategy consultant and lectured the business planning seminar “Venture Campus” for 4 years. He currently focusses on his doctoral dissertation in which he researches the sustainable, psychological, and geographical dynamics of entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Prof. Dr. Jan Kratzer (video lecture)
Prof. Dr. Jan Kratzer heads the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management (FG EIM), he is the academic director of the Center for Entrepreneurship (CfE) and responsible for the Masterprogramme “Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability” (MSc IMEs) at TU Berlin.

Malte Hager (video lecture)
Malte is a PhD student at the Chair of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management of TU Berlin. His focus is on sustainability narratives in under-researched markets and sectors as well as on circular economy principles and their diffusion.

Dr. Kristina Fajga (coordination) works at Centre for Entrepreneurship of TU Berlin as Impact Manager. She has co-developed with Prof. Kratzer and Karina Cagarman an impact assessment and management tool for startups.

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