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Science & Startups is the association of the four startup services of Freie Universität Berlin, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Technische Universität Berlin and Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin.

We support science-based startups on the road to success with:

  • Founder grants
  • Co-founder and talent matching
  • Qualification in business management
  • Scientific mentoring
  • Networking with investors and established companies
  • Access to infrastructure such as labs and prototyping workshops
  • Deep-dive accelerators (currently: Sustainable City, Health, AI)

Embedded in the ecosystem of Berlin’s universities, the startups can access offers from the three universities, the Charité and its partners.

By 2030, we will have created a leading and globally visible and globally visible ecosystem for research- and science-based startups. startups – under the umbrella of Science & Startups. The innovative power released and the jobs created by the startups will startups strengthen Berlin’s position as a center of science and business location Berlin.

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Since 2019, the Berlin University Alliance has combined the expertise of the three internationally renowned, research-strong universities TU, HU, and FU, as well as a globally respected medical faculty (Charité) to create an integrated space in the capital for joint research on societal challenges of global significance (so-called “Global Challenges”).

In addition to the numerous advantages of Berlin as Europe’s leading start-up hotspot, Science & Startups creates a new, unique added value in the region: on the one hand, the network gives founders access to the services of all four institutions as well as to more than 130,000 potential co-founders – the students and researchers of the TU, HU, FU and Charité. On the other hand, subject-specific offers are being jointly developed that complement the existing structures and measures in order to promote start-ups in future-relevant topics even more individually. The numerous partners in start-up support, such as coaches, investors, accelerators, established companies, etc., also benefit from joint and topic-specific offers and central contact persons.

Science & Startups offers partners and established companies

  • Access to the best startups
  • Access to the cutting-edge research of Berlin’s universities
  • Access to the best talents

With three idea competitions for students and research-based start-up ideas, Science & Startups already bundles important parts of building start-up awareness for Berlin’s universities. More than 160 academic mentors, numerous qualified coaches and co-founders can be found on special interest platforms offered on www.science-startups.berlin.

The first topic-specific programmes offer targeted support for start-ups in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Sustainability City and Health. Further offers under the roof of “Science & Startups” are in development.

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Science & Startups works as a network of four startup services which have years of experience, a great reputation and are well connected in the ecosystem. The success of Science & Startups and their network partners would not be possible without strong partners. Where it makes sense to form a partnership as an alliance, Science & Startups will continue to do so.

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