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Science & Startups is the association of the four startup services of Freie Universität Berlin, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Technische Universität Berlin and Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin.

Since the 2000s, the individual universities have been using their startup services to help innovative, science-based start-ups translate cutting-edge research into products and services with high added value for society. The start-up services closely accompany the prospective founders at the individual institutions. The start-ups get access to infrastructure such as office spaces, laboratories, technical equipment or prototyping workshops, as well as to networks in business and the financial world. Equity-free grants enable the founders to concentrate fully on product development.

Since 2019, the Berlin University Alliance has combined the expertise of the three internationally renowned, research-strong universities TU, HU, and FU, as well as a globally respected medical faculty (Charité) to create an integrated space in the capital for joint research on societal challenges of global significance (so-called “Global Challenges”).

The new network structure Science & Startups now bundles years of experience and the resources of the individual, Germany-wide leading start-up services Profund Innovation (FU), Humboldt-Innovation (HU), Centre for Entrepreneurship (TU), and BIH Innovations (Charité) in order to develop and offer joint services for science-based start-ups.

Under the roof of Science & Startups, we are aiming to create a European-leading and globally visible ecosystem for research- and science-based startups in Berlin by 2030. By joining forces, the offers for science-based founders are will become more numerous, more subject-specific and even more international. The goal is to systematically and comprehensively leverage the application potential of Berlin’s cutting-edge research in order to successively increase the quality and quantity of spin-offs at the science and business location.

In addition to the numerous advantages of Berlin as Europe’s leading start-up hotspot, Science & Startups creates a new, unique added value in the region: on the one hand, the network gives founders access to the services of all four institutions as well as to more than 130,000 potential co-founders – the students and researchers of the TU, HU, FU and Charité. On the other hand, subject-specific offers are being jointly developed that complement the existing structures and measures in order to promote start-ups in future-relevant topics even more individually. The numerous partners in start-up support, such as coaches, investors, accelerators, established companies, etc., also benefit from joint and topic-specific offers and central contact persons.

With two idea competitions for student and research-based start-up ideas, Science & Startups already bundles important parts of building start-up awareness for Berlin’s universities. More than 160 academic mentors, numerous qualified coaches and co-founders can be found on special interest platforms offered on www.science-startups.berlin.

The first topic-specific programmes offer targeted support for start-ups in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Sustainability City and Health. Further offers under the roof of “Science & Startups” are in development.

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All teams from our network partner Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin – coming shortly.


Science & Startups works as a network of four startup services which have years of experience, a great reputation and are well connected in the ecosystem. The success of Science & Startups and their network partners would not be possible without strong partners. Where it makes sense to form a partnership as an alliance, Science & Startups will continue to do so.