forsorge GmbH i.G.

We are a Team of 6 that develops solution to common problems. First we developed reachtag, a solution against loss of items which now has partners like Postbank and AvD.
We moved on and are now developing forsorge, a novel and patented system that medical personnel can use in emergencies to get data and details for a patient & reach his contact person. A contact person can even see that someone is calling due to an emergency with our system.
In addition, while making it as easy as possible for users to generate and maintain all of it with a first of its kind app barrier-free.

What are we looking for?

Category: Interns, working students, full-time employee

  1. Developer (Full-time, part-time, Working student):
    --> Knowhow or strong interest in  React, Flutter or mobile development OR IT-security
  2. Medical Student / doctor (Part-time, Working student):
    --> Interest in eHealth and the concept behind with communication skills and motivation to learn and connect with experts

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