Ghost – feel it. GmbH

“Ghost - feel it” is a Berlin based startup, providing  a software solution to create a tactile patterns and prototype within minutes. The intensity or frequency of multiple motors as well as their location can be visually programmed and felt live with our Seat or Vest Development Kits, as well as custom build hardware. Create your own use case and utilize the potential of haptics. One example is the navigation car seat to feel where to turn that was developed together with the R&D Department at Mercedes-Benz AG.

What are we looking for?

Category: Full-time employee, working student

With a fully functioning software version and validation of the product in the automotive market, we are now looking for a motivated and outgoing person to join our team to follow up on Sales/Business Development topics. We would like to explore other industries from VR-Trainings to Medical Devices. Join the haptic revolution!

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