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How and where do I get the money to continue my startup after the startup grant runs out? What options are there for follow-up financing? Which ones are best suited to my business concept? What do I have to do to gain the interest and trust of investors? Learn all about these questions and more – at the Science & Startups Funding Days!

Find out about what kind of funding is the right fit for your business model, how to meet business angels, what venture capitalists are looking for, or why social businesses are a special case for funding. Maybe continued public funding is the right path for you? We will explore all these topics (and so much more) in sessions with our experts and startup role models who will share their experiences.

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The event will be held in English.

Agenda (tbc)

The Funding Day is carried out by Science & Startups, the joint startup network of the Berlin Universities: Freie Universität Berlin, Humboldt Universität Berlin, Technische Universität Berlin and Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin.

The autumn version of the Funding Day will be specially tailored to your needs.

For the first part we have invited Venture Capital (tbc), the Business Angel Club Berlin Brandenburg, Berlin Partner and a founder that is now an Investor (tbc). These experts will show you different approaches to successfully fund your startup.

In the second part we will offer two tracks:

One track will be for healthcare startups and will be concerned with the specifics in raising funds and starting up in the healthcare industry (HTGF, Founder (tbc)).

The other track is designed for all remaining startups and will give you the chance to talk to all speakers from the first part in person, where you can ask any question you never dared to ask in an AMA style setting.

Alternatively you can join the founder’s exchange in which you will get the chance to talk about current challenges and learn from each other.

The new batch of BSS sustainable city, which will start on October 1st will be attending as well as our BSS – healthcare startups. We expect many members from Science & Startups and we hope you come by as well to enjoy a great evening with the whole Science & Startups team and many founders of your ecosystem.

Of course there will be drinks & fingerfood to enjoy with each other.

Looking forward to it and see you there!

The event will be held in english!

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Your Science & Startups-Team

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Event held in English.

Let's take a look back: The sessions from 2021 in more detail

Science & Startups meets Business Angels

The first session focussed on the topic of angel financing: expectations and motivation of business angels, tips and tricks for the search for angels, processes for an angel investment.

Impulse lectures:

  • Tim Weiss, Fundraising Expert
  • Bettine Schmitz, Business Angel, Auxxo Investments
  • David Rhotert, Managing Director, Companisto Angel Club
  • Startup – Best Practice: Benjamin Gareis, reachtag

Science & Startups meets Venture Capital

The second session was all about venture capital: choosing the right investors and do’s and dont’s for VC acquisition in the early stages.

Impulse lectures:

  • Clemens Kabel, IBB Ventures
  • Louis Heinz, High-Tech Gründerfonds
  • Startup – Best Practice: Patrick Bunk, Ubermetrics Technologies

Science & Startups meets Public Funding

In the third session of our Funding Days we talked about the possibilities of financing through public funding: state-specific and nationwide funding programmes such as GründungsBONUS (startup grants for technological, digital, creative or particularly sustainable startups) or Pro FIT (grants and loans for technologically highly innovative startups) as well as many others.

Impulse lectures:

  • Manuel Akhtar, Funding & Financing at Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie
  • Ines Adametz, IBB Business Team
  • Artsiom Zhavarankau, Investitionsbank Berlin
  • Startup – Best Practice: Dr. Marcel Quennet, QoD Technologies

Science & Startups meets Social Impact Finance

The fourth session focussed especially on financing options for social enterprises.

Impulse lectures:

  • Thorsten Jahnke, Social Impact
  • Christoph Rohde, FASE – Finanzierungsagentur für Social Entrepreneurship
  • Tino Kreßner, Startnext
  • Startup – Best Practice: Alica Paeske, sPERANTO ResPeaceAbility

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