K.I.E.Z. – The new AI initiative

Since 2021, Science & Startups has been specifically strengthening research transfer in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with a new focus program. With an initial 6.85 million euros provided by the BMWI and co-financed by the state of Berlin, a unique ecosystem is being created with services specifically for start-ups in the field of artificial intelligence: K.I.E.Z.

Welcome to K.I.E.Z.!

K.I.E.Z. is an initiative dedicated to facilitating entrepreneurs in AI with scientific expertise as well as access to capital, industry partners and hiring talent. From the first idea to the successful business, we provide science-based AI startups with everything they need to grow fast and sustainably: K.I.E.Z. is provided by the startup centers of the four Berlin universities that have united their services and support strategies under the roof of Science & Startups. This gives all AI startups in our program access to the universities’ resources like innovative research, infrastructure and scientific mentors.

With this topic-specific and increasingly entrepreneurial approach to startup support, the K.I.E.Z. initiative supports the goal of the startup services of the four Science & Startups partners TU, HU, FU and Charité to develop an ecosystem for research- and science-based startups that is leading in Europe and will be visible worldwide. The program will focus on an AI-oriented expansion of the entire innovation chain: from the identification of startup potential in research to the targeted acceleration of the feasibility phase to an accelerator program. The integration of a strong industry network in all innovation phases will be a core element as well as the establishment of an AI Academy for startups and stakeholders. Thus, AI-based startups will be identified, optimally supported and established on the market.

K.I.E.Z. will be carried out in close cooperation with the Berlin Institute for the Foundations of Learning and Data (BIFOLD), one of the beacons of AI research nationwide. From 2022, BIFOLD is to be permanently established as a national AI center of excellence.

Building on the existing structures of the innovation and startup services, the newly created offerings will significantly increase the quantity of science-based startups in the field of AI and their scalability. This will create startups that will successfully solve the challenges of today and the future.

K.I.E.Z. is being led by Dr. Tina Klüwer. More info at: https://kiez.ai/

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