Berliner Startup Stipendium – Science & Startups for Future

With the Berliner Startup Stipendium, Science & Startups supports founders planning to implement their innovative, knowledge-driven, science- and/or technology-based business ideas in a team and develop solutions for the pressing challenges of our time:

  1. Cluster 1: Sustainability x Society – Improving the Way We Live Together
  2. Cluster 2: Healthcare x Prevention – Responding to Today’s Health Challenges
  3. Cluster 3: Technologies x Resources – Transforming Tech for a Green Tomorrow

To foster exchange and strengthen the innovative power of our startups, in these clusters we bundle access to specific expertise, know-how, technology, event formats and likeminded teams working on similar challenges.

You have an idea that’s a fit? Your research touches on one of the cluster’s focus areas? Your idea and research make the world a better place when turned into a product or service? Science & Startups will help you along your journey!

Deadline for written applications for our summer batch: Thursday, May 30, 2024
[Please note that the submission of a written application requires a mandatory initial consultation with one of our startup advisors before May 28, 2024, as well as an email to bss(at) to schedule an appointment for initital consultation before May 24, 2024.]

Start of Incubation: Aug. 1, 2024

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The Program

Please note: You will learn all the details about the program during your mandatory first consultation before applying. 


  • Knowledge-driven, science- and/or technology-based ideas
  • Projects need to be innovative or represent an improvement over competing projects and/or the status quo
  • Teams of 2-4 members (You are currently a solopreneur? Register on our co-founder matching platform match’em and watch out for our next Pitching for Competences Event
  • Graduates with a university degree
  • If you have already established a company, participation is only possible if the company has not yet started any economic activity
  • Resident in Berlin
  • You have not received a BSS, EXIST or similar scholarship before

The Science & Startups All-Inclusive Package

  • Financial Support: 2,200 euros per person per month over a period of up to 12 months
  • Standardized university incubation process
  • Contact to potential customers and investors
  • Peer learning with your fellow founders
  • Access to the cutting-edge research of the universities
  • Access to workshops, master classes, match-making events and networking platforms
  • Intensive individual coaching and training based on your needs
  • Mentoring provided by leaders in academia and business
  • Co-working space on campus
  • Access to labs and technical equipment as needed

Application Procedure

  • Get in touch via bss(at)
  • We will get in touch, asking you to fill in a short questionnaire
  • After you have sent back the questionnaire, one of our advisors will schedule an initial consultation with you
  • If your idea is suitable for the program, a follow-up with the aim to prepare your written application will be scheduled

    Key dates:
  • May 28: last possible date for mandatory initial consultation for summer batch 2024
  • May 30: deadline to submit your written application in digital form
  • May 31 – June 10: in-depth check of application documents
  • June 11: invitation for jury pitch
  • June 18: jury pitches cluster Healthcare x Prevention
  • June 19: jury pitches cluster Sustainability x Society
  • June 20: jury pichtes cluster Technologies x Resources
  • until June 28: information about jury’s decision
  • July 12: deadline to hand in your complete application (hard copy) to the BSS team
  • August 1, 2024: start of program
  • July 31 – August 2: Boot Camp (mandatory)
  • August 5: Onboarding Cluster (mandatory)

Supported by: Berliner Startup Stipendium “Science & Startups for Future”

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