Berliner Startup Stipendium – Science & Startups for Future

With the Berliner Startup Stipendium, Science & Startups supports founders planning to implement their innovative, knowledge-driven, science- and/or technology-based business ideas in a team and develop solutions for the pressing challenges of our time:

  1. Cluster 1: Sustainability x Society – Improving the Way We Live Together
  2. Cluster 2: Healthcare x Prevention – Responding to Today’s Health Challenges
  3. Cluster 3: Technologies x Resources – Transforming Tech for a Green Tomorrow

To foster exchange and strengthen the innovative power of our startups, in these clusters we bundle access to specific expertise, know-how, technology, event formats and likeminded teams working on similar challenges.

You have an idea that’s a fit? Your research touches on one of the cluster’s focus areas? Your idea and research make the world a better place when turned into a product or service? Science & Startups will help you along your journey!

Deadline for applications for our summer batch: Thursday, May 30, 2024
[Please note that the last day for a mandatory initial consultation with one of our startup advisors is Tuesday, May 28, 2024]

Start of Incubation: Aug. 1, 2024

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The Program

Please note: You will learn all the details about the program during your mandatory first consultation before applying. 


  • Knowledge-driven, science- and/or technology-based ideas
  • Projects need to be innovative or represent an improvement over competing projects and/or the status quo
  • Teams of 2-4 members (You are currently a solopreneur? Register on our co-founder matching platform match’em and watch out for our next Pitching for Competences Event
  • Graduates with a university degree
  • If you have already established a company, participation is only possible if the company has not yet started any economic activity
  • Resident in Berlin
  • You have not received a BSS, EXIST or similar scholarship before

The Science & Startups All-Inclusive Package

  • Financial Support: 2,200 euros per person per month over a period of up to 12 months
  • Standardized university incubation process
  • Contact to potential customers and investors
  • Peer learning with your fellow founders
  • Access to the cutting-edge research of the universities
  • Access to workshops, master classes, match-making events and networking platforms
  • Intensive individual coaching and training based on your needs
  • Mentoring provided by leaders in academia and business
  • Co-working space on campus
  • Access to labs and technical equipment as needed

Application Procedure

  • Apply via F6S at Science&Startups Batch III page

    Alternatively you can reach out to us via bss(at)
  • We will get in touch, asking you to fill in a short questionnaire
  • After you have sent back the questionnaire, one of our advisors will schedule an initial consultation with you
  • If your idea is suitable for the program, a follow-up with the aim to prepare your written application will be scheduled

    Key dates:
  • May 28: last possible date for mandatory initial consultation for summer batch 2024
  • May 30: deadline to submit your written application in digital form
  • May 31 – June 10: in-depth check of application documents
  • June 11: invitation for jury pitch
  • June 18: jury pitches cluster Healthcare x Prevention
  • June 19: jury pitches cluster Sustainability x Society
  • June 20: jury pichtes cluster Technologies x Resources
  • until June 28: information about jury’s decision
  • July 12: deadline to hand in your complete application (hard copy) to the BSS team
  • August 1, 2024: start of program
  • July 31 – August 2: Boot Camp (mandatory)
  • August 5: Onboarding Cluster (mandatory)

Supported by: Berliner Startup Stipendium “Science & Startups for Future”

Find out why our teams choose us and the Berliner Startup Stipendium to start their journey!

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