4Campus – Idea competition for students

Science & Startups is looking for you and your idea! 4Campus is an idea competition for students – we award the best startup ideas and entrepreneurial solution proposals with attractive prize money and a broad range of support services at the startup centers of our network partners FU, HU and TU Berlin, as well as Charité. Individual and team applications are possible.

Showcase your idea – challenge yourself – expand your options for the future – win prizes!

Why should you participate? There are a lot of reasons why participating in 4Campus is a good idea:

  • Maybe you don’t know if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. But you want to try!
  • Maybe you want to work together with your fellow students and friends, and at the same time evaluate one more option for your future – being an entrepreneur.
  • Or maybe you think your idea could change the world, if only more people knew about it.
  • An idea competition is a perfect way to engage in other fields of interest for you, next to your sbject of study.
  • Participating in or winning idea competitions are also a fun way to boost your CV and impress those future employers!

Science & Startups and its four network partners TU, HU, FU Berlin and Charité jointly look back on many years of professional start-up support. We have the infrastructure, the networks and the advice that can help transform your idea into reality. We are looking forward to hearing your idea and working with you!

All conditions of participation and the application form can be found further below. There you can also have a look at the winning teams of the last years.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us at 4campus@science-startups.berlin !

Win startup support & cash prizes

The universities support the best ideas with an extensive support package and attractive prize money. In the final pitches, the audience will choose the winner and two runners-up. First three places can win attractive cash prizes!

  • 1st place – 500€
  • 2nd place – 300€
  • 3rd place – 200€

Support for your idea and team will be provided at your own university. What we offer to the winning teams for a duration of at least 6 months:

  • A desk in one of the coworking spaces at the startup support unit of your university for you/your team
  • Individual consulting and coaching to develop your idea
  • Access to exclusive qualification and consulting services from your university’s startup support unit and Science & Startups
  • Active integration into the entrepreneurship communities of the start-up networks of your university’s startup support unit and Science & Startups
  • Network contacts and access to prototype workshops
  • Availability of the offer depends on the individual startup support unit

How does it work?

After you submit your idea, a jury will pick the best ideas. All selected participants/teams will then pitch in front of an expert jury – as well as your friends, family and fans! A public vote amongst all guests decides the winner.

At least one team member must be able to participate and pitch your idea at the final pitch event. Join in and showcase your talent in front of a lovely crowd!

How can I participate?

All students of the Berlin universities FU, HU and TU Berlin, and Charité who are not yet in their final year can participate.

Please note the following terms of participation:

  • Individual or team applications are possible.
  • Every participant still has at least 1 year to go before graduation.
  • The idea cannot already have been object of another compan
  • The idea must be developed independently by the participants and must not infringe the rights of third parties.
  • Team name and short description may be published on the websites social media channels of the universities, their startup support units and Science & Startups
  • The competitors are ready to pitch their ideas at the final event and to participate in the press work.
    • At least one representative from each winner’s team has to be able to participate in the award ceremony and pitch the idea to the audience. The date will be announced well before the application deadline here on this website.
  • Submissions in German and English are possible.

The decision of the jury is final, any legal action is precluded.

How do I submit my idea?

Be part of it and submit your startup idea!

Applications cannot be submitted at this time – the idea competition’s next edition will take place in summer 2022. Please download the application form and send it filled out to 4campus@science-startups.berlin (coming soon!).

Privacy Notes (German) here.

Winners of past editions of 4Campus

Winners of 2021 – 1st place: Park-Cy

With PARK-Cy, we are combatting the everyday challenge of a regular city bike user. We resolve the following challenges such as Bike Damage & Theft, Lack of Organized Parking, and sense of insecurity in the users. This makes the streets much organized and easy to use for all types of users in the city. Users do not have to invest and carry the Useless heavy locks, and the city will look much more organized and orderly.
PARK-Cy is an innovative solution combining – Locking technology and Mobile App based User Interface to provide secured parking service for Bikes in city Parking lots. also provide additional services like bike repair and E-bike charging at these locations.

Learn more.

Winners of 2021 – 2nd place: Checkademia

Checkademia is the digital study choice coach for all prospective students in Germany. Our goal is to inspire prospective students and support them in their decision-making process in order to maximize the number of satisfied students and at the same time to sustainably reduce the incredibly high dropout rate of around 30%. We offer exciting content, interactive online courses and an exclusive community for exchanging ideas on the topic of choosing a course of study. In addition, through our AI-based recommendation algorithm, the latest technological achievements are used for the first time in the context of study and career choice. With the help of Checkademia, everyone will know what and where to study in the future!

Winners of 2021 – 3rd place: Hydro2X

The idea of Hydro2X is to harness the increasingly frequent forced curtailments in electricity production by renewable energies by converting them into green hydrogen on site. Due to the irregularity of such events and because the sale and timely removal of the hydrogen is outside the core competencies of independent power producers, energy is so often lost because power producers usually forego it because of the extra work outside their core competencies. These tasks are to be taken over by Hydro2X, i.e. the remote monitoring of the irregular hydrogen production, the sale of the hydrogen via a dedicated auction platform and the timely transport and transport to the end customer. The electricity producer does not incur any administrative or personnel expenses, and they receive the profit generated less a percentage levy on Hydro2X.

Winners of 2020: Tutorhelden

With our idea, we intend to create a secure and barrier-free platform that functions according to the motto according to the motto “from students for students”. Since there is no satisfactory possibility to give or take tutoring as a student, we would like to offer this possibility free of charge with the development of our website. At the moment we are in the starting blocks and are just looking for a suitable funding opportunity to be able to implement our idea in a timely manner.

Learn more.


This competition is being organized by the network partners of Science & Startups – Humboldt-Universität & Humboldt-Innovation, Profund Innovation from Freie Universität Berlin, Centre for Entrepreneurship of TU Berlin, and Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin.

Another partner is the Digital Entrepreneurship Hub from Freie Universität Berlin: The DEH is the central point of contact for start-up teaching and start-up research at Freie Universität Berlin. DEH systematically promotes exchange between research at FU Berlin and startup ecosystems in Berlin, the EU, and worldwide. At the intersection of digitization and entrepreneurship with direct research relevance, the DEH is unique in Berlin.