Which requirements do you need to fulfill to apply?

The idea for your startup / the product / the service must be:

  • Tech-based
  • Clearly innovative or represent an improvement on competitor projects / the status quo (for example, in terms of customer benefits or sustainable unique features)
  • The team must:
  • Participate in an initial advisory session at one of the startup centers at FU, HU, TU or Charit√©
  • Provide a proof of principle - such as a lab prototype with sufficient data, a mock-up, etc.
  • Demonstrate that their idea is at a stage where it can be further developed into a finished prototype within the funding period
  • Provide proof of first considerations regarding a potential market, potential competitors and customer benefits
  • Agree on milestones and objectives: Participating teams are required to achieve designated milestones, such as a considerable development of expertise, complete a prototype, and to develop their project to a point where it is possible to launch the startup or apply for additional funding.