Mastering Strategic Pricing for Corporate Customers

  • 14.03.2024 at 14:00 - 16:00 / Online
  • held by Hans-Lothar Busch
  • module: Marketing
  • level: Advanced

IMPORTANT: Only for teams and scholarship recipients supported by CfE from TU/FU/HU/Charité (especially Berlin Startup Scholarship, EXIST)

Location: Online (Access information will usually be emailed to registered participants one day before the workshop)
Language: English und Deutsch

The workshop underscores the misconception of applying consumer market pricing strategies in the industrial sector.

It dispels myths like the necessity for low prices and free services, emphasizing the primacy of factors such as competitive advantages, investment profitability, and technical superiority.

Practical Contents:

• Customer psychology: Special laws regarding pricing.

• Why the price, contrary to widespread opinion, is not an objective measure.

• The customer is not king when it comes to the price – they can even be dissatisfied with it.

• The price: A product disadvantage – consequences you must consider when quoting the price. • “How much does it cost?” Tips for pricing (oral/written) in the industrial context.

• High prices: The first step starts in my head!

• The 4 customer types (B2B): Price often plays only a minor role.

• Contribution margin as a crucial business metric.

• Offer calculation based on commercial and acquisition criteria.

• Effective offer creation, written representation of prices.

• Free services: A NoGo! How founders can professionally avoid the “free mentality.”

• The (secret) rules that apply to price negotiations – worldwide.

• Practical tips for price negotiations, especially for avoiding price discounts.

Benefits of Your Participation:

• Learn how to determine market-appropriate prices for scientific services.

• Understand the rules to follow when quoting prices – orally and in written offers.

• Learn why the price is a product disadvantage and what mistakes to avoid in this context.

• Present prices in written offers without causing adverse effects on purchasing decisions.

• Understand the rules governing price negotiations worldwide.

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