Life Design for Entrepreneurs or Entrepreneurial Well-Being

  • 11.06.2024 at 13:00 - 16:00 / Onsite
  • held by Dr. Karina Cagarman
  • module: General
  • level: Basic

Language: English

A life design workshop for entrepreneurs emphasizes creating a fulfilling and balanced life that intertwines well-being with entrepreneurial success. Through hands-on exercises and guided reflections, participants learn to align their personal and professional goals with their values and well-being, crafting a life design that supports sustainable success and happiness. This workshop offers a blend of personal development strategies, well-being practices, and community support, empowering entrepreneurs to navigate their unique paths with resilience, purpose, and a holistic view of success.

Coach: Dr. Karina Cagarman, TU Berlin 

Location:  TU Berlin, Alte Mineralogie –  Hardenberstr. 38, 10623 Berlin, Room AM 012,

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