Mastering Business Pitches für Corporate Decision Markers

  • 22.02.2024 at 13:00 - 17:00 / Online
  • held by Hans-Lothar Busch
  • module: Marketing
  • level: Advanced

Location: Online
Language: English and German

he workshop focuses on essential techniques to attract industrial customers for high technologies and secure investments. Key module goals include mastering seven proven persuasion techniques, calculating project cost-benefit, formulating compelling messages for industrial partners, and applying these techniques throughout the acquisition process and marketing strategies.

Practical Contents:

Shift perspective from tech provider to problem solver
Emphasize benefit argumentation as a key persuasion technique
Highlight the importance of selling customer benefits over products or services
Leverage testimonials for initial contact
Identify and apply unique selling points
Effectively address cost-benefit concerns
Persuade decision-makers with amortization calculations
Utilize visualization to engage the right brain hemisphere
Foster ownership desire through “haptic sales.”
Prepare a checklist for persuasion presentations
Apply techniques in acquisition conversations and marketing

Goal of the workshop is to improve ease and confidence in persuading industrial partners; create a comprehensive toolkit for thorough customer discussion preparation; faster access to new industrial projects using proven persuasion techniques.

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